The End of an Era

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With the new year, I thought it’d be appropos to talk about letting go of one of your favorite series after reading the books for so long.

There’s something oddly nostalgic about books. Every time I crack open an old favorite or a new one, I slip back into the person I was when I first read the story, as awed as I was the first read. Though probably a little more wary, considering the heartbreak our beloved authors like to cause us.

Several months ago, I got my hands on The Iron Warrior. And I felt the urge to cry–the urge to read it as soon as humanely possible and the urge to clutch it to me when it was all over. Behind that, though, was the strange desire to hold off reading the book as long as possible because once I finished it…I would be done with the series. Done with the heroine who I practically looked up to. Done with the first YA love interests I ever fell in love with. Done with a certain pesky cat. Done with a world I had grown up in.

I’d followed The Iron Fey series since Iron Daughter was released way back in 2010. Guys, I was ten years old. In elementary school. This is the YA that turned me into a book lover and introduced me to the world of blogging. This series has seen me all throughout middle school and the transition to high school. I remember feeling this tragic back when the world thought Iron Queen would be the last book. Then came the news of The Iron Knight (I practically screamed when I heard it would be from Ash’s POV). Then the Call of the Forgotten spin-off series which, even if my favorite characters no longer played major roles, still gave me the satisfaction of seeing so many of my favorite characters after their (somewhat) happily ever after.

This was the first series that I’ve felt so attached to that I’ve had to see end. Hell,I spent the next two weeks after finishing the book just rereading the entire series.

I find it kind of funny that the end of a series can bring this much emotion, though. That these books about fey and talking cats and a Winter prince and Summer jester and a half-human Summer princess could affect me so much, long after I first fell in love with the books.

I guess that’s why we love YA so much though, isn’t it?

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  1. this post is wonderful! i think we all have that series that appears into our life at exactly the right time and place that it has this magical effect on each of us, and it was SO interesting to read about your’s. it’s hard to let go of series that we love. <33

  2. I really love this post! I think we all have that series that just kind of speaks to us, that follows us everywhere. I have one book ( its just a standalone) that follows me everywhere in life. Thinking about it, I don’t know where I would be with out that book! But its nice to know that these books will always be there for us.

    (P.S. your site is beautiful!!)

  3. Oh my gosh, The Iron Warrior. 🙁 🙁 I recently finished that one — and I was so, so sad to say goodbye to the characters. I think I started reading the series a couple of months before THE IRON QUEEN was released, and gah, it’s so hard to say goodbye. So hard. I adore Julie Kagawa and her writing so much, though; she’s definitely talented to keep me invested in those charcters for so many years.

  4. eileen

    true the iron fey series is eternal ALSO sad moment when you finish a really amazing book and get super sad cause when you read it and finish it you have all these emotions but then you can’t completely replicate them ever again when you reread cause the initial shock value is donezo 🙁


    I was literally feeling the E X A C T same way about the Percy Jackson books. I picked up the first book (of the original series) when I was 12, the same age as the main character. So I’m not exaggerating when I say I literally grew up with the characters. Having to read the last book- when both the main character and I were 16 and a lot different than we were 4 years ago- really made me incredibly emotional. You’re so right when you say we slip into who we were before when we read these long lasting series. There’s just something about the emotional attachment reading a series as it’s published creates. It’s so so hard to let go.

    It’s exactly why I love YA. <333

  6. It definitely is difficult to let go of a series that you’ve invested so many years into, the silver lining is that the world will always be there to revisit anytime you like <3

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