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Nikki Wang is a 14 year old wild, spastic, and slightly insane book blogger. She is, of course, a huge book nerd who doesn't know what other people do with their time if they don't like reading and likes to devour Nutella and other sugary substances by the jar. She will be murdered one day because of her lack of internet safety and firmly believes that she is a stereotypical asian and lives a rather interesting YA book-esque life with a long lost sister and all that. She can be bribed by peppermint kisses and Christmas spirit.

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Death Marked by Leah Cypress


Tragic and enchanting. Star-marked I’m starting the review off with this: I started Death Sworn on Oct 5. I finished it the same day. I then immediately started Death Marked and finished it the same day. And now I’m writing the review and I’m an absolute mess. I shed a few tears for Sorin and Ilena when I realized this was a duology. Not exactly my proudest moment, but I’m absolutely stunned and heartbroken by the intricate weaving of Cypress’s storytelling about an assassin […]

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Unleashed by Sophie Jordan


Contempt over a needless romance unleashed. I gave Uninvited five stars last year, but after a while I wasn’t incredibly interested in the sequel for some strange reason. When I was sent a review copy, though, I picked it up because–well, I love the first book, so why not give the second a chance? Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t have really picked it up. It’s hard to introduce a new major player in a sequel and even more so when that new player turns […]

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Blog Tour: Princess Academy by Shannon Hale


I first read these books when I was maybe nine years old, and Shannon Hale was one of the first YA authors I EVER read (Goose Girl remains one of the closest books to my heart to this day) so getting to have her on Fiction Freak was a chance I just COULDN’T pass up. I’ve got a (mini) review of the first book and a GUEST POST from Shannon Hale with her Top Ten Tips for Being a Princess! EEPS indeed! My Review As […]

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