About Me

The Random Facts:

  • I am asian and am as stereotypical as you’d think except–
  • I HAVE A SUPER YA LIFE. With a long lost half sister, awesome friends, and *coughs* other things. (Yes, I’m totally a vampire)
  • My favorite genres are psychological thrillers, contemporaries, and high fantasy, but ultimately, I LOVE retellings.
  • East of the Sun West of the Moon and the Snow Queen are my top two favorite fairy tales!
  • I started my reading life with Nancy Drew and read all the books, including the short series of when she was a kid, but those were after I finished the yellow spine ones.
  • I’m a speedreader, apparently.
    • I started blogging when I was 11!
  • My dream job is to become
    On the bookish side: someone who works for Epic Reads or a book editor
    On the science-y side: A cognitive psychologist or a sociologist.
  • My endorsement for High School (Basically a broad Major except for high school instead of college) is Arts and Humanities. It was either that or Business and Marketing
  • I lucked into the jackpot of friends, both school wise and blogger/author wise.
  • I am dorky.

The Stories:

  • I first started reading, I think, because my favorite picture book had to do with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck where Mickey Mouse was collecting acorns and Donald pinecones and these two squirrels stole the pinecones and then always dropped an acorn near Mickey and so it was kind of a counting book. But my mom always fell asleep at the exact same page so after that I sort of just took it upon myself to read and then started reading more stuff. I was like 2 or 3.
  • Before I could read though, my mom bought me a copy of The Ugly Duckling and since I couldn’t read, I memorized the story and retold it in my own words every single time I opened it and my mom was stunned because each version was different than the last, but still stuck to the plot. Which I don’t get but that’s how she tells it.
  • I was friends with this high school (?) dude who volunteered at the local (5 story tall) library when I was about 6 and I would always ask him for books and always nag him about the next Sailor Moon book (DON’T JUDGE ME.) and I don’t even know what happened, but he was always super nice and gave me chocolate (even though he wasn’t supposed to.)
  • In second to first grade I would go to school early in the morning and became friends with the school librarian and throughout elementary read almost every single book that she recommended. I would go to the library for about fifteen minutes before and twenty to twenty five after school and during the book fair, I ditched my after school bus to wander the walls of books because my mom wouldn’t buy any for me. So I would just stare at them. I got in trouble later and had to go to the front office, but whatever! BOOKS.

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