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That’s how long I’ve been blogging. And holy shit it was absolutely AMAZING and hopefully they’ll be more blogoversaries to celebrate (we’ll see. If anything there’ll be a coblogger who can help me celebrate, but TIS NOT A DAY FOR SAD TIDINGS) SO SO SO I’VE LOVED AND I’VE LOST THROUGH BLOGGING. I’ve made so many amazing author and blogger (and reader!) friends and while I’m not in contact with some anymore (SHREYA AND EILEEN I MISS Y’ALL) I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THEM AND WILL NEVER STOP ADORING THEM.


So I went a bit narcissitic with this year’s post. I’ve talked over and over about how much I adore my friends and at this point it was getting repetitive. And since I was feeling a wee bit depressed this year and just because I asked my author and blogger friends what they’d say about MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. And holy shit they were all so sweet and it made me all kinds of weepy from reading them. THEY’RE SO SWEET FOR DOING THIS FOR MEEEEEEE. (Oh my gosh I love my author and blogger friends so much and HOW DO PEOPLE EVEN PUT UP WITH ME.)

(This is all the stuff that people said about me because THEY WERE SO SWEET. Feel free to skip and go straight to the giveaway )

“Nikki is one of the sweetest, smartest, kindest and most FABULOUS bloggers–and PEOPLE!–I know. (Note: I haven’t met Nikki IRL yet but IT WILL HAPPEN.:D) Nikki’s love of books and support of authors is truly amazing, and when she loves a book, she gushes over it with all her heart. I love that she loves books so hard! :) Plus, NIkki amazes me with her mad reading and blogging skills while still juggling school. I honestly don’t know how she does all that she does . . . I secretly think she has a time-turner stashed somewhere BECAUSE HER COMMITMENT TO THE YA BOOK COMMUNITY IS AWESOME AND SHE’S SO ORGANIZED I CAN’T EVEN. :) And her blog? Equally awesome. I checked out Fiction Freak before I ever started chatting with Nikki, and it’s one of the best book blogs around. Happy Blogoversay Nikki! I adore you, and am so grateful for all you’ve done for me and NIL this year! *sends all the hugs and cookies and blue M&Ms I can find* xoxoxo”-Lynne Matson

“It’s always been such a pleasure following Nikki’s blog. I joined the book blogosphere nearly three years ago, and Nikki’s blog was one of the first blogs that I followed, simply as a blog reader (not a blogger). I joined the blogosphere as a blogger in the next year, and I always knew that Nikki had my back. Three years later, I’m still consistently following Nikki’s blog, because nearly three years later, Nikki is still as enthusiastic and creative as ever. I’m honored to know such a person, and I hope that one day, our paths will cross in real life.” -Alyssa @ Eater of Books

“Happy Blogoversary, Nikki!! I’m so glad we met! What part of knowing you has been the best? Was it when you wrote the world’s most hilarious page by page review of FIND ME? Was it when we squealed like the fangirls we are over AG Howard? Or is it the fact that you always beta read for me even when it bothers your eyes?” -Romily Bernard

“Oh, how I love Nikki, let me count the ways…
Firstly, she will always have a special place in my heart as the first person who ever made fan art for SNOW LIKE ASHES. For this, I will love her forever.
Secondly, her excitement for books and bookish things is LEGENDARY. She is a professional at all things happy-making, and when she loves things, WATCH OUT. That love is infectious.
Thirdly, she’s so freakin’ adorbs I can hardly stand it.
Nikki and Fiction Freak make my heart happy.” -Sara Raasch

“Nikki was one of my first reviewers for Splintered, and the very first Morpheus fan (aka #mothling). On that note, Morpheus sends her his love and demands you all give her homage for being frabjous in every way (if you ignore his demands, he vows to find you and drag you into madness).” ~A.G. Howard & His Royal Mothiness, Morpheus

“How did I meet Nikki? Wow, it’s been a LONG time so I don’t remember very well! In the beginning there were tons of crazy conversations between Nikki, Eileen, Inky, Annabelle, and I, and we ended up turning ourselves into the Merp Squad, later adding Ashley to our midst! Before I knew Nikki she was just a “big” blogger in my mind, and I was still so new that I was afraid to talk to anyone (boy how that has changed!); but Nikki was super friendly, offering plenty of enthusiasm and caps lock, which could make anyone comfortable to talk to her! (She’s pretty awesome like that.) And now we totally don’t talk as much as we should but she’s still one of my closer bloggy friends! Love you Nikster!” -Jessi @ Novel Heartbeat

“1. Nikki is fearless.  How many fourteen-(or is it fifteen now?)-year-olds do you know who bravely approach professionals in any industry?  That takes guts, I tell you. GUTS.
2. Nikki knows her stuff and she shows it on Fiction Freak.  She gives thoughtful and enthusiastic reviews that put some of her older peers to shame.
3. Nikki has awesome style.  Have you poked around Fiction Freak at all?  It’s beautifully designed and organized.  Nice job, little sister.
4. Nikki is devoted.  Homework, life, parents.  Nikki has all of those, but she still finds time to immerse herself in the publishing world.  That’s impressive of anyone of any age.
5. Nikki is so darn smart.  I met her at a book con a few months ago, and she asked some of the most insightful questions in each of the sessions that I attended. I learned things from some amazing authors because Nikki came to the conference ready to be taught.  Pretty. Freaking. Fabulous.” -Becky Wallace

“I met you, Nikki Wang, through my ’14 debut author group, The Valentines. We consider you to be an honorary member because you have played such an integral part during this year of craziness, stress, deadlines, tears, smiles, rejection and success. I’m in awe of you, Nikki. You’re always on the ball and constantly on the go with blog posting, reviews, twitter parties, giveaways, etc. You are amazing.” -Amy Rolland

“I love telling the story of how I met Nikki Wang at Teen Author Carnival in 2012. She wanted to know if I knew when ARCs of Venom would be available at BEA. I didn’t (Authors don’t generally know the publishing things.) But I just happened to have an ARC so I gave it to her. She awarded me like 10 glowing fireballs or something as a rating.We struck up a conversation over gchat the following week. Slowly, I learned of her epic blogging greatness. Fiction Freak–it’s informative, easy to read, and chock-a-block with contests and fun features. These days Nikki is one of my biggest book cheerleaders. I hope she still likes me when she becomes Grand Ruler of the Universe :-D” -Paula Stokes

“When I sold my first book, I was a little lost in terms of making contact with bloggers, especially teen bloggers.  Nikki W. from Fiction Freak not only reached out to me to introduce herself and offer to host a guest post about Landry Park, but then offered to organize a blog tour for its release, which was a lot of fun to do and gave my book a ton of exposure.  She also coordinated a large group tour for me and some of my fellow 2014 debuts, organizing blog posts and twitter parties.  Fiction Freak is a lot like Nikki–fun, creative, informative and expansive.” -Bethany Hagen

“Nikki is an amazing, amazing friend and blogger. Seeing how awesome she was with blogging made me want to blog – And seeing how GORGEOUS Fiction Freak was made me too intimidated to try! But the amazing Nikki helped me design my original blog and helped get me started. Without her, I wouldn’t be blogging right now! This past year has been so amazing and wonderful for me and I couldn’t have done it without Nikki’s help. I look up to her as a blogger and I aspire to do what she does! She has three successful years of blogging under her belt and I have a feeling that’s only the tip of the iceberg for her! Congrats, Nikki, on three amazing years of blogging and inspiring! You deserve everything you’ve achieved and everything you WILL achieve! *Cheers!*” -Meredith @ Pandora’s Books

“I’m not sure if I met Nikki before or after she started FF. I remember that she sort of freaked me out in an adorable way because she was so obsessed with YaReads and acted like I was one of the coolest people ever. She would talk my ear off. Granted, I think she was like in 6th or 7th grade at that time. I remember being absolutely in awe over this little tiny girl being so in love with reading and blogging and what not. Probably more weird for me because I really didn’t start to get into reading until I was about 18…so she beat me to the punch by quite a ways.
I don’t even know how long I’ve known Nikki. Is she in 9th grade now? I should probably know that. Anyways, I’ve known her a really long time and she is one of the coolest chicks and bloggers ever (except when she’s whining about college that she won’t even attend for like 4 more years.) And that’s how I know her! She was my little Twitter stalker for awhile and now I love her to death [=” -YaReads

“First off, happy third blogoversary, Nikki and Fiction Freak! =)
Second, I can’t believe this but I don’t really remember how we met. We’ve just been talking on Twitter for so long now that it seems like I’ve known you forever! Same goes with Fiction Freak. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t read your blog. I completely adore the design of Fiction Freak. It’s so dang cute. And you put me to shame when it comes to blogging. You read crazy fast and you always have fun posts up on the blog. You seriously inspire me to get my crap together when it comes to my own blog. I’m so happy we started chatting on Twitter and I look forward to many more years of chatting with you and reading your blog. Congrats on making it this far and I know you will go so much further.” -Katie @ Katie’s Book Blog

“There is a whole long list of people who I never thought would follow me on Twitter and that I would never be able to call my friends, and one of those people is Nikki Wang. She’s awkward and hilarious at every moment and always up for a rant or a book hangover talk. I hope that Nikki continues to blog and keep up with Fiction Freak for a long time. She works really hard for this part of the blogosphere, and in everything she does. To Nikki–congratulations on sharing your amazing self to this peasant village called the Internet for the past three years. Good luck to you  and your friends supporting you and I hope that this next year will be even better than the last one. May all the blog stats, great friendships and author flailing be with you. :P :3″ -Eli @ Reality Lapse


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  1. Happy 3rd blogoversary! This probably sounds extremely creepy, but I’m a huge fan of your blog, it’s like the role model for my tiny new one xD Especially since we’re around the same age, and knowing that someone as young as I am can be so successful really inspires me <3
    Connie recently posted…Christmas Carol Book Tag

  2. Wait wait wait. Did you not ask me for another testimonial about how much I <3 you? Or did it get lost in the email? :D

    NIKKI WANG IS THE EPICEST–so epic she's thanked personally for her enthusiasm, ALL CAPS, and general Nikki Wangishness in the LIARS, INC. acknowledgments. Okay, that is all.

    P.S. You're old :D

  3. Natalie

    Happy Blogoversary the Third!!!! That’s brilliant!!!
    *chucks confetti in the air*
    Thanks for the giveaway :D

  4. Wow! Good thing I had to leave a post about my Twitter follow entry glitching because my original post didn’t post either! I will blame it on Fhkeindle the Kindle demon. Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS!! You have been blogging three times longer than me and with all the stress blogging (especially book blogging) can be, I bow down to your cyber greatness. Promise you won’t ever stop because your reviews are top of the list for me. My Twitter follow entry jumped as I was typing my @ so all that was posted was @LaL, I think. It is @LaLaT0adst0ne (the Os are zeros). Thanks for understanding and thanks for this marvelous giveaway contest. *toots a tin horn*

  5. Happy Blogoversary. Three years just flew by didn’t they! My 3 year is coming up in January. I’m wondering how long I’ve been following you as you are one I’ve been following for some time.
    Looking forward to many more years!

  6. Candy Hamilton

    Happy Blogaversary!!! I hope you have many more wonderful posts and blogaversaries in your future.

  7. Happy Blogoversary Nikki!! 3 years already girl and I do hope you’ll find the way to still manage to keep blogging through the very busy years of high school ahead of you girl!!
    I agree with so many of those wonderful friends of yours, you’re so enthusiastic and adorable, I just want to squish you!!
    Pili recently posted…Ink & Batter #9: Ensnared by A.G. Howard!!!

  8. Happy Blogaversary! I’m in awe of you because blogging takes commitment. I’m still trying to find mine. My poor blog gets ignored a lot! Also, I love A.G. Howard…like A LOT. So if I won a copy of the Jeb/Morpheus fest, I’d be REALLY excited! :D

  9. Anita

    Wow! Look at all those amazing endorsements from people who adore you! What a bunch of smarties. ;)

    Happy Blogoversary, mothling, and thanks for all of the support over the past few years! <3

  10. erinf1

    happy blogoversary!!! Here’s wishing you many, many more ;) Thanks for sharing with us! It’s fun to read such cheerful, sweet messages! You deserve it!


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